Sometimes a super party needs a superhero entertainer!

Our children’s party entertainers are here to bring your child’s favourite superhero to life! Make your child’s party extra special and empower your party guests with a wide range or themed games and activities.

What’s included?:*

  • 90 minutes of entertainment
  • Our Superhero party performer (in either English or French)
  • Up to 30 minutes to your venue. If your venue exceeds this limit then there will be an extra travel charge.
  • Meet and Greet
  • Superhero Training
  • Superhero says!
  • Parachute play
  • Limbo
  • Pass the Kryptonite parcel
  • Music and dancing games
  • Glitter tattoos or face painting (if under 15 children)
  • Graduations certificate from Superhero school
  • Presentation of the cake (optional)
  • Photo opportunities

* Every party is different, just as all children react differently to live entertainers.
While we work on a timeline, our main goal is to create an enjoyable, energetic
experience for the children. If necessary we might improvise or modify an
activity to facilitate maximum enjoyment and comfort. In other words, we go
with the flow.

Some of our Superheroes

350.- Frs

Lets Get Social !

Lets Get Social !