Pamper Parties

Happiness looks gorgeous on you...

A Once Upon A Time pamper and spa party is a head to toe service of sheer indulgence and fun.
We all know that young ladies want to feel and look their best on their special day so let us deliver our spa treatments to you in the comfort of your own home or venue.

What’s included?:*

  • A Once Upon A Time party performer for 90 minutes
  • Maximum 12 children
  • Up to 30 minutes to your venue. If your venue exceeds these limits then there will be an extra travel charge.
  • Make your own face mask using all natural ingredients
  • Have fun applying the masks to your friends
  • Mini Manicure
  • Foot soak with bath bombs
  • Music
  • Non alcoholic champagne
  • Age appropriate magazines to read
  • Luxurious bath robes to wear during the party

* Every party is different, just as all children react differently to live entertainers.
While we work on a timeline, our main goal is to create an enjoyable, energetic
experience for the children. If necessary we might improvise or modify an
activity to facilitate maximum enjoyment and comfort. In other words, we go
with the flow.

Some of our event photos

350.- Frs

Lets Get Social !

Lets Get Social !