Magic Moments

Sometimes we need a little magic…

If you are looking for a truly magical party entertainer then you have come to the right place! Each party is guaranteed to capture the imagination and curiosity of your party guests.

What’s included?:*

Real magic show complete with lights, sound equipment, curtains and backdrops all performed by a professional magician and entertainer in French. Parties available in Canton Vaud, Geneva, Neuchatal and neighbouring France.

Magic Moments Package

  • 1 hour performance (1 hour of preparation included)
  • “Magie Modern” original magic performance with music and lights
  • Audience participation
  • Games
  • Grand finale with song and dance to celebrate your childs birthday


Magic Moments Package Deluxe

  • 1 hour 45 minute performance (1 hour of preparation included)
  • Magic Moments Package above
  • Magic workshop (for up to 15 children otherwise a mini disco)

* Every party is different, just as all children react differently to live entertainers.
While we work on a timeline, our main goal is to create an enjoyable, energetic
experience for the children. If necessary we might improvise or modify an
activity to facilitate maximum enjoyment and comfort. In other words, we go
with the flow.

Some of our Magicians

350.- / 450.- Frs

Lets Get Social !

Lets Get Social !